SUBDIVISION REVIEWS (subdivision ordinances are at lower left)

Concerns about Zoning Board decisions 9/03-3/04

Number of homes approved & planned, 12/03

Step-by-step review process for new county subdivisions
Organization chart
Sample questions raised at compatibility meetings

Citizen LAWSUITS on subdivisions

Selected Subdivisions
Aspen Greens
Daniels Forest
Faraway Farms
Forest View
Harvest Hills
Highland/Jones-Elliot Farm*
Hunt Field
Norborne Glebe
Old Standard Quarry*
Thorn Hill*
Town Run Commons open issues  legal case

*These proposed help to schools & withdrew that offer.

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Jefferson County, West Virginia
Comprehensive Plan info
Costs of Growth
Impact Fees
Sewers & Water
Building Codes
County Planning office webpage
Community Impact Statements starting in 2007

ZONING ("Zoning" controls what may be built where. "Subdivision" rules cover procedures for approval; see below)
Current Zoning Ordinance
Some previous versions:
7/7/11 Ordinance, including "Policy-neutral" changes to 2009 zoning ordinance, in order to refer to 2008-10 subdivision ordinance & make organizational changes (2009 zoning ordinance resulted from 2009 Supreme Court decision, see below)
11/1/08 Zoning Ordinance and Map Not in effect since disapproved by voters 11/7/09
Previous Ordinance and Map Includes full text as of 1/10/02, plus the following Amendments effective:
8/8/02 (p.4 of those minutes reduced LESA range for intense growth from 0-60 to 0-55)
11/7/02 (restrict adult businesses)
5/1/03 (regulate adult businesses in industrial zones)
4/8/05 (many changes, undone by local court in Feb 2008, redone by WV Supreme Court in Sep2009)
10/3/05 (changing what is allowed in rural zone)
9/1/06 (small changes in lot size & setbacks)
9/28/06 (more changes in rural uses)

Buildout of 2008 Ordinance: homes & people projected by Burke (or .xls which also has buildout of 2006 ordinance)  To see density in each new district, use .xls table 4, or pages 34, 60, 82, 116, 123 of 2008 Zoning Ordinance

Previous 11/07 draft projections by County and Burke (or .xls)

Alternative Plan B by Burke, intro revised 1/14/08
       (with accompanying draft Subdivision Ordinance)
Office organization proposed by Coakley 2/07 (.ppt viewer)
Analysis of previous Zoning Ordinance by consultants 6/13/06: First goal is "user-friendly" for "average citizens & business people" (Available here, but no longer on the County's website)

Clarke county zoning ordinance Virginia
Zoning ordinances around the country,  National studies
Organizations with info for local governments
Basic Court case decisions:

Roads: traffic map & other info
Hazards (flood, subsidence, etc.)

Planning & Zoning Agenda, Legal ads Webcam & Minutes since 2002, (before 2002) & Bylaws & 2006 draft bylaws/procedures & supervision of staff & charges against member Baldau
June 2004 Draft amendments   Draft comments

Legal analyses of requiring developers to provide Public Services
(alternative to impact fees)
  from Citizens for Jefferson's Future 1/3/01
  from County 3/30/01
Controlling Billboards & putting wires underground

STATE LAWS on planning & zoning

State laws on Building codes
Actual building code
Ordinances adopting building code in County: 2001  2003

SUBDIVISION RULES how subdivisions are reviewed (Zoning, above, controls what may be built where.)
4/28/11 Subdivision Ordinance (for County)
Previous Subdivision Ordinance in pdf or WordPerfect

Bolivar subdivision ordinance
Shepherdstown draft subdivision ordinance

List & size of subdivisions planned as of 7/03
List & size of subdivisions processed  7/98 to 7/02

Hampshire county ordinances (click on "info")

2004 County Plan 4/26/04
Draft 11/26/02 (1megabyte, 174 pages. Like other County files it seems to need Acrobat 4, not 5)
Consultant's Reconnaissance Report 6/28/01
Consultant's contract (1/11/01)
List of neighborhood meetings 6/18 to 6/28/00
Process for revising Comprehensive Plan, with public meetings 2/28 to 4/18/00
Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan, 1994 on web  or WordPerfect
Burke proposal to plan for 12,000 more homes (June 2000)
Burke proposal to allow medium density business & housing (2,000 square feet per 6 acres) everywhere

Bolivar plan & ordinance
Shepherdstown Draft Plan & Vision 2020
Ag Action Plan
Frederick county plan, Maryland
Loudoun county plan, Virginia
Tale of 2 counties (fast&slow growth)
Plans for Job training (600k)
Number & location of 4-5,000 buildable lots in Jefferson County Download to disk
Unreliability of soil samples
updated 7/22/2014
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