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IMPACTS OF GROWTH  in Jefferson County, West Virginia

Burdens of Growth in neighboring Loudoun County

Tale of 2 Counties (Fast & slow growth)

Houses cost more than they pay in taxes in Jefferson County WV

Houses Cost VA Counties more than they pay in taxes

Houses cost local governments more than they pay in taxes, throughout the country

Number of children, even in senior housing


WV State Efforts

State law that permits county impact fees (amended 2001)
State law that controls proffers and allows special assessment districts


Jefferson County Commission Efforts

Impact fee office

3-party agreement of Commission, Ranson, Bd of Education

Settlement of lawsuit between county & Charles Town (10/04)
County ordinances to establish impact fees (12/03)
Draft county ordinance to manage impact fees (1/03)
Status reports from County consultant on impact fees
County contract with consultant for impact fees (7/02)
Tischler 1991 study for County Commission (3mbytes)
Tischler 2003 study draft for County Commission (240kbytes Word Document)
Tischler 2003 final report

2004 annual report


Jefferson School Board Efforts
Capital Cost Reports -

- 1/26/06 summary table,  spreadsheet
- 3/18/03 report, spreadsheet of appendix tables, study of size of houses
- 10/11/02 report and spreadsheet of appendix tables
Meetings & Mailings of School Impact Advisory Committee

Superintendent's letter to County Commission on helpful changes in county Ordinances
BOE letter to Charles Town on school construction cost 7/9/02
BOE letter to county Planning Commission on school crowding 7/9/02

Charles Town City Efforts
Capital Improvement Plan 12/03
Study of Operating Costs 12/03
Traditional neighborhood zoning 12/03
Rules for reviewing proposed subdivisions 12/03

Relations with Developers
Final restrictions on transfer of land from Huntfield to School Board (6/02)
Huntfield's public cost study (11/01)
Norborne Glebe's & Huntfield's agreements with Charles Town to pay capital & operating costs (1/02)

Background Data

List of approved subdivisions (12/03: 20,000 homes built, plus 28,000 homes proposed)
Life expectancy of homes
Data file of County building permits (1/1/02-9/10/02)
Data file of Brown-Horner phone survey to count children by type & age of homes (11/02 )



National information on Impact Fees