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Process of reviewing applications from developers to build subdivisions
County Zoning ordinance & Map
Examples of changes public has requested to make some subdivisions more compatible with county
List of proposed subdivisions in County, Ranson, Charles Town & other towns (Total of over 20,000 homes proposed)
List of Citizen Lawsuits (needs updating)
Lack of Sewage Treatment for new subdivisions

Documents in Some Appeals:


Supreme Court Decisions

Carter v. Bluefield, 1949

Singer v. Davenport, 1980

Kaufman v. Fairmont, 1982

Bittinger v. Bolivar, 1987

Corliss v. Jefferson County, 2003

Kletter & Jefferson Utilities v. Jefferson County, 2005

All WV supreme court cases since 9/91 are on their website



Appeal to Zoning Board 10/04


THORN HILL, Kabletown Rd / Rt9, MacElwee et al.; Rissler et al.

Circuit Court denies developers' $2 million lawsuit against citizens opposing them 4/27/07 (1 mbyte pdf)

PSC decision on plant 1/6/06
Complaint to PSC about private sewer plant
Citizens' brief to Zoning Board 5/6/04
Appeal to Zoning Board against 3rd proposal 3/04
Citizens' brief defending Circuit Court victory involving 2nd proposal 3/04
Citizens' reply in Circuit Court, to Developers' brief on 2nd proposal 7/02
Citizens' brief in Circuit Court against 2nd proposal 5/02
Developers' Proposal for re-zoning & map

HARVEST HILLS, Duffields, Corliss et al.
WV Supreme Court decision 10/10/03
WV Supreme Court brief by citizens 6/26/03 Map
Circuit Court decision stopping subdivision 2/14/02
Citizens' brief to Circuit Court rebutting developers 11/30/01
Circuit Court brief by citizens 9/10/01 Map
Request by citizens for Court Review 5/01
Citizens' Request for Zoning Board Review 3/01

DANIELS FOREST, Flowing Springs / Job Corps Roads, Kletter et al.

Supreme Court decision 11/30/05

Legal opinions on role of staff, planning commission, zoning board (8/19/04 & 11/1/04)

Circuit court denial of a stay & clarification of 7/04 order (8/16/04)
Circuit court decision on bad Zoning Bd procedures (7/04, 3 mbyte pdf)

Related decision on Jefferson Utilities, has even stronger criticisms of local zoning procedures (7/04, 1 mbyte pdf)
Zoning Bd actions 4/04

First circuit court decision overruling Zoning Bd approval of Daniels Forest, Forest View, Aspen Greens, based on inadequate support data from developers (9/03, 5 mbyte pdf, superseded by 7/04 decision above)
Court brief by citizens 3/02
Request for court review 12/01
Citizens' testimony at Zoning board 11/01


BRECKENRIDGE EAST, proposed for N side of Country Club Rd

info provided by Breckenridge North

APPEAL FEES Faulkner et al.
Court decision 6/02 that County Commission "is not justified in law, is arbitrary and capricious, and would act substantially to chill" citizens who try to get county officials to follow the law
Court brief by citizens 3/02

MINISTORAGE: Bakerton Rd at 340
Proposal for rezoning & map
4-page description by developer 12/00