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Office of Water Resources

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Charleston. WV 25301-1251

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West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection

Cecil H. Underwood                                                                                                   Michael P. Miano

Governor                                                                                                                                Director


July 20, 1999


Ms. Carole Hall. Chairperson

Jefferson County Public Service District

210 West Third Avenue

Ranson, West Virginia 25438


Re:  Charles Town Wastewater Treatment Plant


Dear Ms. Hall:


I have reviewed your letter of July 7. 1999 concerning the potential future capacity of the Charles Town Wastewater Plant. The following represents this office’s position relative to this issue.


The current intergovernmental agreement between Charles Town, Ranson and Jefferson County PSD calls for a 1.2 million gallons per day (MGD) plant which discharges to Evitt’s Run. It is my belief that changes to this agreement, relative to size or discharge point, would make it necessary to amend the agreement.


The current wasteload allocation issued to Charles Town for a I .2 MGD discharge to Evitt’s Run requires that secondary treatment be provided (30 mg/l BOD5 and 18 mg/I TKN). Any increase in capacity at the existing plant, with a discharge to Evitt’s Run, would require that advanced treatment standards be met (5 mg/I BOD5 and 3 mg/I ammonia nitrogen or more stringent). It would therefore be necessary to discharge to the Shenandoah River at levels above 1.2 MGD.


The existing plant site is limited in size. It would be possible to add an additional aeration basin (SBR) in the future, which would increase the capacity of the plant to 1.6 MCD, This increase in capacity would have to include construction of the effluent line to the Shenandoah River as discussed above.


I hope this letter summarizes this office’s position regarding this issue. The Public Service Commission would play an important role in the event an expansion beyond 1.2 MCD were proposed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 558-0641.





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